Liberals Experience Feeling Black

Imagine you’re trying to get to class at your $30,000 a year school, and you are prevented from doing so by a bunch of rabid protesters demanding you see what it’s like to “feel black”.

The main entrance of UC Berkeley was blocked by students protesting “police brutality,” and apparently the way to blackness is to be killed by police.

One would think that to be fair, the students would have made this a dual protest against cops and black people — the other group who seems to enjoy killing blacks.

The I.J.Review reports:

“Everyone that’s saying this protest is completely stupid is right. I was there and trying to get to my 2:00 class, and surprisingly this lasted for hours.  And guess what, I’m black!  They kept saying I was  ‘turning my back on people of color’ and said that I don’t care and FORCED me not to be able to get past.  I don’t have the glory of my parents paying for my college fee so I have to do that out of my own pocket,  just coming straight off of work and and trying to get to class.”

Another user noticed something ironic.  Slowe417 said:

“It’s supposed to be an inconvenience. We want them to recognize the inconvenience young black people go through on a day- to- day basis…”

Overall, a lot of users seemed to feel the Berkeley students’ attempt at “raising awareness” was disrespectful, to say the least.

Perhaps going to a worthless college and not attending class could also be considered being black? And Liberals wonder why black Liberals are the worst statistically in almost all social and economic categories.

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