Living Memorial: You won’t believe for whom

In the Era of Race Pimping, and the support of ethno-centric black Liberal nonsense, let’s give black teen thug Michael Brown a memorial.

Who are we to deprive Americans of the notion that black Liberals are stupid enough to build a cause around a LIE?!

That’s why the other day a living memorial tree was planted at January Wabash Memorial Park in Ferguson, Missouri for Michael Brown, Jr.

The Black Caucus of the American Library Association organized the event, saying

“The tree dedication ceremony to honor Michael Brown, Junior, represents just one of several social justice issues that BCALA champions.”

Despite knowing that #HandsUpDontShoot is a blatant lie, Leftists still want to propagate the lie.

UPDATE: The tree was cut down the very next day. Officials say they are “looking into the vandalism.”

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