Muslims get “pissy” about the KORAN?!

Every Saturday a group heads to the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica to read from the Koran and inform the public…wait until you hear how that goes.

Most people are receptive to learn the harsh truths the media conveniently ignores, but someone got violent at hearing the truth…a Muslim.

Upon hearing about Mohammed’s marriage to six year-old Aisha, a Muslim woman viciously attacked “the messenger”.

Conservative Tribune

…Louis Lionheart was viciously attacked by a Muslim woman when he began reading from the Islamic Hadith about an account in which the Prophet Muhammad revealed himself to be a pedophile with his six-year-old bride Aisha.

Even though the entire assault on Lionheart was recorded on video, the Muslim woman was eventually released from police custody without reason and apparently not charged — something you would only expect to happen in places like Dearborn, Mich.

Glazov’s group does good work in the streets of California, exposing Islam for what it truly is — mostly evil and barbaric.


Gotta love the “Religion of Peace”!

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