Nanny Cam Horror

If you think you have secrets, think again. And in the new world of spy vs. spy, children will experience a level of transparency unknown to humankind. And it begins in the crib.

Nanny cams are supposed to make parents feel safe. Check out how these parents lived under the false sense of security, as hackers spied on their child from their nanny cam.

What could these hackers possibly do, if they wanted to do more than snoop?


Shared from I.J.Review

Technology has made it easier to monitor infants and children, but this comes with a trade-off of putting technology that can be compromised in- between parents and children.

These are not the kind of intimate relationships built on trust and privacy that anyone would want to let strangers – let alone the world – violate. But with a few simple steps, you can make it extremely difficult for hackers to do so.

Privacy and security may very well be things of the past. Don’t expect any help from the government.

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