The New Old Hillary Clinton

By now you’ve heard about Hillary’s Chipotle experience, where she and her assistant dropped in at a Chipotle to get the know the ordinary folks.

Hillary began her “meet the ordinary people” tour by avoiding ordinary people, as she engaged no one at the restaurant. At least Bill would have been chatting up the fatties!

One thing is painfully clear about Hillary: she doesn’t like PEOPLE!

The only photos were from surveillance cameras, and Hillary wearing sunglasses and a granny scarf looked like the “Chipotle Bandit”; like she was about to rob the joint.

And it only got worse, as Hillary hosted her small Iowa event, in order to get to know Iowans. Her PEEPS!

The CONTENT of Clinton’s speech is what has me FLOORED, literally speechless.


Remember the rule when dealing with Liberals: they TELL you who they are, by telling what they are fighting against!

And as reported by The Guardian:

Hillary Clinton said campaign finance reform would be a central plank of her presidential bid on Tuesday, revealing a determination to reinvent her political profile as a more humble, populist figure for the 2016 election.

I know, right! The woman who will purportedly raise $2.5 BILLION for her campaign is talking campaign finance reform.

The article continues:

Clinton used a visit to an Iowa college – her first scheduled appearance as a candidate – to say that reforming a “dysfunctional” system of US political funding would be one of four pillars in her run for the White House.

It was a bold stance from Clinton, who has long courted the support of Wall Street hedge funds and is widely expected to benefit from the most expensively financed campaign in US presidential history.

“We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all – even if that takes a constitutional amendment,” she said.

Clinton later told reporters she wanted to get “the uncontrolled money out of politics again”.

Sure. Clinton will get right on that, after her coronation. Hillary would sell her soul to the dev…ok that’s been done. Let’s just say there is nothing she wouldn’t do to be president, though she will eventually get out of this race for “health reasons,” eventually.

She has no intention of not building up a big war chest, then walking away. Big money controls politics, as does data.

Hillary will have both, as she tries to compete with Obama for world domination.




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