Obama laughs at kids getting stung by bees

Now here’s a metaphor for Obama’s America!

At the White House’s annual Egg Roll, Obama was reading “Where the Wild Things Are” to a group of children on the White House lawn, which maintains a bee colony on the grounds. What could possible go wrong?

When the children began screaming as some of them were swarmed by bees, Obama pretty much laughed it off.


As reported in Downtrend:

After dismissing the very real threat to these young children, Obama just breaks out in laughter. He can’t even finish reading the book because it’s so damn funny to him that kids are running and screaming in terror. Eventually, he comes up with a truly democratic non-solution to an actual problem:“Hold on, you guys are wild things. You’re not supposed to be scared of bees,” yells Obama with a smirk.

Though it was as ineffective as anything else he’s ever proposed, at least Obama’s so-called solution didn’t involve raising taxes, eroding civil rights, or redistribution of wealth. I’m kind of surprised he didn’t try to create a new bureaucracy to deal with the kids’ fear of being stung. He could promote one of his wealthy Hollywood donors to the position of “Bee Czar.”

Anaphylatic shock much?

Were those Africanized bees? Jus’ askin’.

Reminds me of ObamaCare: this won’t hurt a bit!

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