One attitude change…delivered.

A great analogy for liberalism is that of a permissive parent who later wonders “what went wrong?” with their miscreant of a kid. Well, this mom would have none of that.

A Baltimore son got busted by his mama being up to “no good” inciting fringes of the riot.

Despite the kid’s trying to look all “Ninja” with a black mask, his mama spots him and calls him out on the spot in front of G-d and everyone. He got an epic smack-down that he won’t soon forget.


As Baltimore goes up in flames in the wake of the funeral of Freddy Gray, a black man who died as a result of injuries with the police, stunning footage of a woman who is purported to be the mother of a race rioter slapping him and forcibly removing him from the street is going viral.

Good for her. Perhaps if there were more moms like this one, the streets of Baltimore would be peaceful.

Here’s a mom who hasn’t fallen prey to “you have to be nice to your kid”…. to their detriment.

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