The One Line Philosopher Week 4/27

We feature the witticisms from the mind of Dave Weinbaum, one of my acquaintances.

Dave’s work has been featured is some amazing publications like The Reader’s Digest, Forbes, and many others.

Here is this week’s list:

  1. The only crunches I do are Rice Krispies.
  2. All lions should have a sense of pride.
  3. Life is full of gimmes—you just gotta ask.
  4. Fort’s favorite song—It’s All About that Base.
  5. You’ve got more issues than Scott has tissues.
  6. Hear about the hooker who went broke? She lost all her Bills.
  7. The Race Card: Don’t run for office without it.
  8. You’re so cheap you charge people for the time of day.
  9. Maintaining beauty is not pretty.
  10. When you make something out of nothing, that’s something.


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