Racializing South Carolina cop shooting

Based on the video, it was bound to happen. We still don’t know all the details of the shooting of the man by the South Carolina police officer, but one thing is clear: this is not a Michael Brown situation.

The man was running from the officer. Any cop goes on alert, when a suspect flees; it’s human nature.

Next, t appears from the video that the man may have gotten the officer’s stun gun. An eye witness says the two were undoubtedly in a struggle. Again, put yourself in a life or death situation, and ask what your split-second reaction would be.

So you can bet there will be more to come.

One can argue that the danger was over, once the perp ran. No need to shoot to kill, right?

As reported by Yahoo,

Santana said he changed his mind after reading the version of events as recounted by the police, which didn’t match what he had seen. He said he provided the video to the dead man’s family because he didn’t believe anything would happen to Slager if he didn’t come forward.After the video was made public by a lawyer representing the family on Tuesday, Slager, 33, was swiftly fired and charged with murder, potentially resulting in a sentence of 30 years to life in prison if convicted. A judge ordered the ex-officer jailed without bond, pending trial.

But that did little to quell the outrage of an angry crowd at North Charleston’s City Hall, where the mayor and police chief were shouted down with calls of “no justice, no peace.”

The thing that bothers most Americans is the immediate racialization of incidents like this. Would we hear the same cries of “no justice no peace” if the deceased were white?

In the same period from 1999 to 2011 where over 1000 blacks were killed by cops, over 2000 whites were killed by cops, but nobody ever mentions it.

It’s time America wake up. Injustice is injustice, as true justice is blind…yes, COLOR blind!

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