Racism Alert: “Black Only” School Field Trip

The self-imposed segregation of blacks in America is occurring. These ethno-centric racists disguise their true motives as empowering black children. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. David G. Moss, the Director of the African-America  Student/Parent Support Department (yes, amazing this ridiculous department exists), planned a field trip in an Indiana school district, where only black third graders would participate.

As was reported by WBND, seven schools in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation are participating in two separate trips to three colleges in the area. But only African-American students will be going on the trip.

 According to racist- in- charge of this event, the aforementioned Dr. Moss,

“I want these third graders to have the opportunity to think of themselves as college students.”

And what does this opportunity to think have to do with ethnicity of the students?

Parents of all races raised objections to Moss’ plans.

“We should be able to do everything together and not separate,” said parent Charles Yost.

“I feel like all kids should be going,” added Deirdra Mullings, whose child will participate in one of the trips.

There was at least one supporter of this nonsense:

“I don’t think it’s a race issue. I think they’re giving black children a chance,” asserted Erika Herron.

A chance for what? And why shouldn’t ALL children be given this chance?  All one has to do to understand the Liberal lunacy of this idiotic idea is ask yourself what would happen if a white Director of Aryan-American Student/Parent Support Department proposed the same racist idea.

“It was not meant to be exclusionary. It was only meant to support and give these kids what they need to think positively about themselves and about their future,” said Moss.

“I was hired to look at the issues facing African-American kids in the South Bend Community Schools Corporation and my job specifically says that I need to develop programs and develop strategies to help these kids and their families become more successful academically.”

Assimilation is what would help these kids, not the racist, exclusionary practices of racist black-centric “educators.”

And you wonder why racism is being TAUGHT in schools, and is being CREATED by the Left.

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