Rand Paul Supposedly Walked Out of an Interview

I don’t have a dog in the fight, when it comes to selecting a president. I think the Republican Party undoubtedly has the best candidates, and I think Rand Paul will bring much needed discussions to the fore.

That said, he has to know a couple of things. First, he will have to answer to his new ideas. Second, no media will be friendly.

So when I read that Senator Paul walked out of an interview, it got my attention. I think Republicans should walk out on the media, and treat them like the scumbags most are.


As reported in Politico:

Sen. Rand Paul walked out of a Guardian U.S. interview being conducted via the live streaming app Periscope on Friday.

Guardian reporter Paul Lewis was asking the Kentucky Republican and 2016 Republican presidential candidate about criminal justice reform.

“One more question for you, sorry we have to sometimes be a bit forceful, when you stand for president you get pressed and questioned and you understand that,”  Lewis said, before mentioning that at Paul’s campaign launch on Tuesday he got an enthusiastic response to his calls for criminal justice reform.

“You’re standing for the Republican nomination, all the research shows that Republicans, white Republicans who will determine the outcome of this race, don’t think criminal law is applied in an unfair way, so how are you going to win the nomination with this…” Lewis asked before being cut off by Paul.

“I think your premise is incorrect,” Paul said. “I think I can take that message into a white Evangelical church anywhere in Iowa and give the exact same speech and be received well.”

After answering, Paul got up and left, as the reporter wanted a follow up. I know how schedules are for political candidates, as staffers give the “throat cut” sign, meaning, “We must leave, now!”

Paul is already getting a taste of how things will work. As for the answer to the question, I think Paul is wrong. The average Conservative understands the justice system, and they don’t agree with Rand. He’s going to have to explain this more to Conservatives at some point.


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