“Real Housewives”: Middle East Edition

Some people are fascinated by the “Real Housewives” reality shows. The shows portray the lives of affluent women in several locations, and turn friends into bickering enemies.

Created drama is part of the appeal, as is the allure of the wealth: fancy clothes, the jewelry, lavish parties, and so on.  Viewers are attracted to the glitz and glamour of the lives of the wealthy.

There are some housewives who have none of that. And you won’t see Hollyweird making a show about them, because these housewives live under Sharia Law.

This includes sixty lashes if a woman is found wearing heels, and forty lashes if a woman is not dressed properly.  Proper dress is the equivalent of wearing a Hefty trash bag.

As reported by The Guardian:

Many women initially objected to the ISIS order but complied when they realized they could be beaten, humiliated, and fined, and their husbands might be punished.  Men are now forcing their wives and daughters to stay at home to avoid confrontations with Hisbah, which issues orders via the Internet or by posting written statements at shops warning against violations of Islamic rules in the city.

“They forced women of all ages to wear a veil, even though the majority of the women in Mosul wear a hijab,” pediatrician Maha Saleh, 36, said. “The Hisbah would hit a woman on her head with a stick if she was not wearing a veil.”

“At the beginning, some female doctors refused to wear veils and went on strike by staying at home. Hisbah took ambulances and went to their houses and brought them by force to the hospital. One of my colleagues was alone in her clinic in the hospital and thought it was all right to strip off her veil.  All of a sudden, two Hisbah broke in her room and reproached her for not wearing the veil and warned her not to do that again.”

This is a real “War on Women.” Too bad the Left won’t document this treatment of women, when there is that income disparity in America on which to focus.

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