The Chump Change to Rebuild Ferguson

How about St.Louis County demand that all the looters work for the Ferguson businesses they destroyed?

Al Sharpton should be forced to do hard labor, rebuilding burned down businesses for say, a year?

How about Barack Obama and Eric Holder and their racist Democrat minions like Governor Jay Nixon come of out pocket to pay for the pain of suffering of the business owners impacted by the LIE of Hands Up Don’t Shoot?

I’d put the price tag around $25 million. I’m sure they could get Soros to front them the money.


But St. Louis County will “invest” (that’s how they put it) half a million dollars in Ferguson to rebuild, and bring back business to the area affected by four months of unrest. That’s it…a measly $500,000.

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“I think it’s a boost for residents and business owners here in Ferguson and Dellwood to let them know that St. Louis County government is on their side, as well as many other partners working to revitalize the community,” said Ethel Byndom with the St. Louis County Office of Community Empowerment.

Have they seen the damage?!

And get this, they are offering interest-free loans to business owners. Gee THANKS, but I prefer to invest and rebuild my business where animals won’t stampede!

Ferguson will never be the same, because the government at all levels condoned lawlessness. And the chump change they are “investing” is little more than beads to the Indians.



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