Restroom equality: California students tackle a tough issue

College students are known at times for their crazy antics, like lameduck Attorney General Eric Holder participating in an armed takeover of a former ROTC office at Columbia.

So when the students at California Polytechnic University (members of the Queer Nation) staged a three-day “sh-t in” on campus to promote gender-neutral restrooms, it was no real surprise.

While young adults in other countries struggle for freedom, our Millennials have turned their attention to the important issues. Can’t have people admitting to their genders, when there are sensibilities to offend by creating unisex bathrooms!

From the Daily Caller

“Put yourself in the shoes of a trans*/gender non-conforming student and take the pledge to use only all gender bathrooms,” a post from the organization’s Facebook page read.

Students reportedly created a staged toilet in the middle of campus, which students signed and decorated with several banners, one of which read “We’ve got shit to deal with,” according to images acquired by Campus Reform.

The group’s Facebook page is also circulating a petition that states that the publicly-funded university “has identified only five bathrooms that are reasonably accessible, leaving non-cisgender students with a paltry amount of options when it comes to using the bathroom.” It calls “on the university to establish more accessible all gender bathrooms, in addition to adding ‘Gender Diversity’ signs to existing gendered bathrooms.”

Despite having seventeen all-gender bathrooms in existence at Cal Poly, Campus Watch writes that flyers passed around during the “shit-in” called for the creation of new all-gender restrooms.

Like your mom said, “Go before you leave the house”!

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