Ridicule: The Undoing of Hillary Clinton

There was a time when the Hollyweirdos only aimed their comedic barbs at Republicans and Conservatives, but it appears that they are now serving up moronic Liberals.

I guess we’ll have to take what we can get. If most Americans are “stuck on stupid” with their attention to trivial matters, then trivial matters it can be.

I remember the sketch, “How’s He Doing,” where a black panel of Obamabots answered the question. It was funny how no matter what Obama did, the mock black panel supported him. Talk about lampooning the lunacy of black Liberals, something they likely didn’t even comprehend.

Most recently Saturday Night Live  (SNL) ridiculed Hillary, and it is said that if this ridicule continues, it could be her undoing.

From the Telegraph:

“Serious” stories about Hillary Clinton did not attract as much coverage as her failure to leave a tip at a Mexican restaurant, writes Matt Lewis.

….On the eve of Clinton’s announcement, one biting SNL skit imagined what Mrs. Clinton’s announcement video might sound like. “Citizens, you will elect me,” McKinnon barked. “I will be your leader!” The satirical message was simple: Hillary Clinton believes she is entitled to the presidency.
In 2008, it was widely perceived that Mrs. Clinton’s sense of entitlement cost her the White House. So this time  around, she is making a concerted effort to appear “normal”.  After announcing her candidacy, Mrs. Clinton and her entourage took a 1,000 mile road-trip in a van she dubbed the “Scooby Doo van” (presumably named after the “Mystery Machine” driven in the classic children’s cartoon). En route, she made a pit stop for a chicken burrito bowl at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant.

Maybe “spring” for a tip next time, huh Hillary?

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