Women’s Movement and Road Rape

Who knew that bad driving could lead to sexual assault?

Or maybe this dude just got “road rage” and “road rape” mixed up. After all, it’s only one letter difference and we are dealing with Liberals.

As the story goes, a Denver woman was pulled from her car following an incident of road rage.  She and an Hispanic man had a misunderstanding of epic proportions.

Too bad this woman didn’t have a rape whistle…OR A GUN!


Sources told FOX31 Denver that a woman driving near Green Valley Ranch and Tower Road was involved in a road rage incident. The driver pulled the woman out and sexually assaulted her.

Police wouldn’t comment on the new public safety risk.

The neighborhood has some remote areas where the attack allegedly occurred.

Police later aired a “bolo” alert which means “be on the lookout.” It sought a Hispanic male in his 40s driving an early 2000 Ford F-150, white in color with a pinstripe under the window.

The woman declined to comment on the incident but anyone with information is asked to contact Denver Police.

Don’t be surprised if they find out that the Hispanic man was an illegal on his way to get his driver’s license and some pot!

If only the women’s movement had focused on improving the driving skills of women, huh?

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