Starbucks Token Store

We’ve heard the term “token” used in a derogatory fashion; well here is where it certainly applies.

Starbucks–the whitest franchise in America–has decided to open a BLACK Starbucks…in Ferguson.

Starbucks is famous for “urban avoidance,” so much so, that Garmin could use Starbucks locations to guide people away from “black neighborhoods.”

Yet, the racist CEO who wants to have a race discussion has decided to put up a symbolic store in the home of the Second Civil Rights movement.

I’m sure Mayor Knowles of Ferguson can hardly contain himself.

From STLToday:

Fresh off a poorly received campaign to spur conversations about race, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz isn’t shying away from the topic: His company plans to open its first store in — you guessed it — Ferguson.

That’s according to Fortune Magazine, which reported Wednesday that Schultz made the comments at a conference hosted by digital media company NationSwell.

Starbucks took some lumps on social and traditional media a month ago after unveiling its “Race Together” campaign, in which baristas were instructed to write the words on customer drink orders and start conversations about race relations.

Customers and commentators, though, apparently didn’t like the idea of being pushed into conversations on the uncomfortable topic, before or after their morning coffee. They took to social media to make that clear.

Why isn’t Starbucks rolling out a LOT of stores in black neighborhoods, and not just ONE?

Our team has more planned for Starbucks, as The Black Sphere Executive Director is arranging to meet with CEO Howard Schulz to discuss race.

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