The Word according to KANYE?

Why God allows idiots like Kanye West to thrive is above my pay grade.

As a believer, I can only think that we will all have a good laugh at Kanye’s expense in the next life.

In case you weren’t aware that Kanye West is an egomaniac, Kanye¬†has literally inserted his name in Unholy Scripture.

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Three entrepreneurial brothers bring you the Kanye West themed bible The Book Of Yeezus which is available for sale on Etsy. The book is based on The Book of Genesis and the word “God” has been replaced with “Kanye” or “Yeezus”.

As blasphemous and offensive this book may appear to be, the creators argue that it’s only an “editorial art piece.” Other big-name artists mentioned in the same capacity as Yeezy include Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson.

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