If the Tea Party ran prisons!

It’s a lot easier to be a tough guy on the street, than it is in prison.

So when this street tough convicted of carjacking and robbery got to the joint, he got a rude awakening. It’s like the smart kid in high school going to college only to find out that he’s marginally smart.

The bad guy in the hood finds out in prison that he’s not as bad as he thought, and that’s what happened to Cortez Berry.

Fox 2 Now

Images of a beaten, bruised and humiliated teen went viral on social media this past week. His family says the photo was taken inside a Georgia prison by alleged gang members after the beating. The photo shows the 18-year-old on his knees with a leash around his neck.

While his family admits Cortez Berry is no angel, both his mother and aunt tell CBS46 that he did not deserve the beat down he got inside prison walls, nor did he deserve to have it posted on social media.

So we’re supposed to feel sorry for this thug now? He’s where he needs to be, getting treated like a thug should be treated.

This is a version of “scared straight,” because not much else is working. BTW, it should be noted that it’s the vast right-wing conspiracy nor the Tea Party who has a leash around young Cortez Berry’s neck. It is young black men who are treating him like an animal.

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