Why Obama’s government costs so much

In the real world, employers have no time or patience for slackers. Entrepreneurial capitalists must turn a profit.

Government has no such ambitions, which is why government is a haven for slackers. You have undoubtedly had the misfortune of encountering the dismal work ethic at the DMV or some other government agency. You’ve come to accept this “screw you” attitude as the norm.

“Time theft” and careless mistakes can cost companies millions, which ends up getting passed on to the consumer, or in our case the taxpayer.

Can a bad government employee cost over $350,000 a year in time theft? You betcha!

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People are a business’ most valuable resource. Actively finding and attracting top talent is a never-ending task for any company that aspires to be the best. The amount of new hires that don’t work out is frightening – in fact, a study by Leadership IQ across a range of industries and job roles found that up to 48% of new hires fail within 18 months. It’s a problem that’s estimated to cost UK businesses over £4 billion a year.

Think this may explain why government needs so much money?

Do you think this will get better or worse in today’s entitlement society?


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