Wish My Teacher Knew Campaign

In a time where kids are dumber than ever, and many students are targets of pedophile teachers, this teacher wants to know more about her “chirrens.” How about teachers just focus on the novel idea of TEACHING?

Nevertheless, an idea that started in a 3rd-grade classroom in Denver has taken off on social media.

As reported in KUSA, a teacher in the public school system was trying to find a way to better understand her students and ended up creating a moving Twitter campaign that has impacted countless individuals.

Kyle Schwartz, who teaches at Doull Elementary in Denver, was trying to reach out to her mostly Hispanic students, who were mostly receiving either free or reduced lunches through the school system.

She asked her students to finish the question, “I wish my teacher knew…”

Schwartz said her students “told me exactly what they thought I should know,” and that when you give them a voice, “they’re really more open.”

Since then, her small idea has blown up, with both funny responses and brutally honest ones.

#IWishMyTeacherKnew is now trending on both Twitter and Facebook as the idea has taken off.

The outcome?



Well, the teacher found out that in the Californicated state of Colorado and the very BLUE, i.e. Democrat-controlled Denver, many of the kids in her school live in poverty.

And you can bet the sob stories began.

“…they shared heartbreaking realities with her, like the fact that they don’t have pencils at home, or — like one student wrote — sometimes a reading log isn’t signed because a parent isn’t always around.

Schwartz said 70 percent of kids in Denver live in poverty, something she says is “unacceptable.”

I know these ideas sound great, as if Liberals really care. But what this teacher should have done is start a campaign that explored these children’s victories over circumstance.

These projects are meant to reinforce how to be a victim.

Does anybody think this teacher or the litany of Liberals who love and support projects like this connect the dots and understand that THEY are the problem?

If there really are 70 percent of kids living in poverty in Denver, I’d say you have something wrong with your system of government.

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