Another royal fricking baby

It’s that time again, when the rest of us get to realize just how ordinary our kids are, as there is a new royal baby.

What a world we live in, when people doing what billions of people, well women have done for eons, and the outcome of a few are considered “royal.”

I have four sons, and as far as I’m concerned they are all from royalty. Ask any real parent (don’t ask Liberals) about their children, and he will tell you that he believes his baby to be the best.

We wonder how in society we have become so pretentious and superficial: I give you ROYAL BABIES!



If that royal baby had come out black, then this would be a story.

So for the birth of ONE baby to be such a huge news story is ludicrous. And it seems peculiar to me that we seem to only celebrate the British “royal” births. Isn’t there royalty besides the British royals?

I have said that any society who makes welfare recipients of people because of bloodlines deserves to fail. That’s been the marked difference in America; we don’t have royal babies, despite the Left trying to give us Chelsea Clinton (I apologize for not giving you a “barf bag” warning), or Blue Ivy Z.

No matter what trash they come from, they will never be royal in America. In fact America goes one step further by making our children of the wealthy in drug addicts.

In America,there are children of privilege. And in the examples of the white trash Clintons and the ghetto fabulous Z family, they both came from essentially nothing to be able to give their children whatever they desire, at least financially. But no matter their wealth or their twisted politics, their children will never be royal.




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