Bill Clinton Pens “Dear Monica” Letter to Donors

The man who finger-wagged America in an attempt to get us to redefine fellatio as non-sexual is at it again.

This time to keep the Clinton Foundation donors servicing him under his foundation office desk, as it were.

Each day a more salacious discovery is made in Secretary of State Gate, as the web of Clinton lies continues to collapse around America’s former First Family.


According to Politico, the popular Clinton is trying to apply more Teflon.

Former President Bill Clinton is pushing back against the controversies swirling around his family’s foundation and vexing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“It’s the political season in America, so the purpose and impact of the efforts your support makes possible has largely been ignored in recent coverage of the Foundation,” Clinton wrote Friday morning in a 1,178-word letter to donors and supporters of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

“But we are and always have been a non-partisan, inclusive foundation with lots of support from and involvement by people across the political spectrum and governments from right to left, all committed to our creative solutions-centered work.”

Sure. It’s the “political season.” That’s the reason. It couldn’t have anything to do with the FACTS!

We know, Bill. You did.not.have.sexual.relations…with.that…woman!

All I know is somebody somewhere is about to unveil the new blue dress.


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