Is Bill Clinton Sabotaging Hillary?

Former President Bill Clinton recently mused about his life in a future Clinton administration, saying he would consider stepping down from the foundation that he founded more than a decade ago, if his wife wins the White House.

And it seems that Bill is doing everything he can to NOT let Hillary win the White House.

Either Bill has gotten a case of dementia or he likes how he’s living.

Hillary may have been broke when they left the White House, but Bill wasn’t. Dude had money for “staffers,” Secret Service to protect him from Hillary, and a pension of about $20,000 a month.

That’s just enough seed money for a pimp like Bill, and boy did Slick know where to plant them.


While Hillary was still fraying her heels being dragged by Bill’s coattails, Slick was setting up the foundation–the foundation to riches.  Bill started making stupid money with speeches, getting $500,000 a pop.  That’s when Bill proved how good a pimp he really is, as he put Hillary on the political street, as it were.

The big money started rolling in, and it was Hillary who set all this up.  She had the power of the government behind her, and Bill was driving along in his Cadillac, watching as Hillary turned tricks.  All of the backlash is on Hillary, because pimps don’t go to jail, prostitutes do.

If ONE Clinton must go to jail over this, who will it be?


At a recent summit, Bill acted like he was just an employee of the foundation he started.  In answering a question about the “good works” of the foundation, a setup question by one of the Clinton donors, Bill answered,

“How would I know…I just work there.”

Bill isn’t doing Hillary any favors, as he becomes mean-spirited.  Supposedly the foundation took in $140 million one year, and doled out $9 million.  Bill spends more than $9 million on hookers and gambling.  Surely they could do better than that.

(See: “WTF: How much did Hillary spend on plastic surgery?!“)

If Bill were truly helping Hillary, he would have gladly stopped the gravy train.  However, he doesn’t plan to stop giving the high-priced speeches to private corporations, foreign governments, and non-profit organizations that have been a mainstay of his post-presidential life.

“I gotta pay our bills,” he said in an interview aired Monday on NBC’s “Today” show. “And I also give a lot of it to the foundation every year.”

By the time this is all over, The Clinton Foundation will be changing the name again, likely to The Bush Foundation, and asking Cheney to run the joint.

Don’t think Bill can’t pull this off.  Bill is a stone cold Mack, and that is the highest level of pimp.


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