The Black Lie of Liberalism

Liberals have controlled happenings in the black community for decades, and the only thing black communities manufacture are fear and hatred.

It’s sad that the death of Freddie Gray is little more than opportunism on behalf of black Liberals and the white Liberals who are truly in charge.

Freddie Gray was not a bad guy necessarily. He was a man caught up in bad circumstances and he did what he needed to do to get by.


There are lots of blacks “slinging” drugs. In fact, drug dealing is so pervasive most blacks don’t really consider it a crime.

So when the cops are pursuing Freddie, most black Liberals see the cops as the problem. Freddie’s just trying to make a living.

There are many “Freddies” in the hood; good people in bad circumstances.

Most people agree that making a living is a necessity, some believe that should happen by any means necessary. Other say cops must do their jobs, and some say their jobs should be done by any means necessary.

Part of the reason America is seeing the decriminalization of marijuana is an attempt to ease the situation with blacks. Liberals believe blacks are better when medicated with marijuana anyway.

Many politicians are taking a look at sentencing laws for crack versus cocaine, again to placate black people.

Cops must do their jobs.

So what happens when the unstoppable force meets the immovable object. When these two philosophies cross paths, people die.

We are currently discussing (insert dead black man by cop here) as a cop problem, a problem supposedly brought on by the lack of jobs.

Think about what’s missing in those statements. No accountability for the people committing crimes. No accountability for the bread crumbs that led to the lack of jobs. We all know where the path leads when we are discussing black “death-by-cop.”

All roads lead to Liberals.



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