Black Pastors: “NAACP is stuck in the past”

If I had a nickel every time I’m called a sellout, I’d be able to buy a few cups of race-sensitive Starbucks coffee.

But the real sellouts are black Leftists.

The NAACP is a perfect example, and their latest move is just another nail in the coffin of this useless organization.

It is for this reason a group of black pastors recently lashed out at the NAACP as reported here:

Leading black ministers in Florida are ramping up criticism of the NAACP for supporting a lawsuit that seeks to kill the nation’s largest private school choice program.

The Rev. Dr. Manuel Sykes, pastor of Bethel Community Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, became the latest to do so, suggesting during a “radio rally” in Tampa Bay today that the esteemed civil rights organization was stuck in the past.

“While they’re fighting the old fight of integration versus segregation, our children are falling through the cracks. And in this issue, I believe they’re on the wrong side,” said Sykes, former president of the NAACP branch in St. Petersburg. “So at this point, we’re out here to advocate for and inform our African-American community that this (school choice) is something they need to support. Because while everyone is fighting on the top levels, it’s our children that’s at stake.”

How on God’s green earth could the NAACP not want school choice, given the state of schools in the black community? Oh, that’s right; it won’t matter where you send most of the hooligans corrupting black schools, because black Liberals will just make excuses for them.

Before you try to get upset, remember that all over this country black teachers and administrators are cheating black students in order to get the teachers and administrators more money. These people don’t care about the kids, they care about their paychecks.

Need more proof? Look at high school dropout rates, college entrance rates, college graduation rates, all areas where blacks are at the back of the pack. And that is WITH Affirmative Action.

If a black kid does manage to graduate, they are greeted with no jobs, thanks to the antics of black race pimps.

I’m sure many blacks are looking forward to the proposals to get their kids into pre-pre-K, and ultimately some of that free community college that Liberals elitist promise. The conveyor belt of ignorance has gotten longer.

There is a reason the Left doesn’t want kids in bad schools, most minority kids to have school choice. They like keeping these kids stupid.

Which gets me back to the NAACP.

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