Black woman gives BEST perspective on Baltimore!

It just doesn’t get any more real than Battlecat’s discussion on Baltimore.

Language warning, as you listen to this amazing summation of the real problem in the black community.

I pray you will spread her message far and wide.


Having grown up black, being authentically black, I second everything she says. Like her, I don’t care if silly ass Negroes call me Uncle Tom, coon ass nigga, and so on. I don’t care about the death threats, or those to kick my ass, because right is right.

Like this fearless black woman, I’m sick and tired of black people acting like animals, and blaming white people all the time.

The problems in the black community have been created by white Liberal bureaucrats, reinforced by race-pimping black bureaucrats, and readily adopted by stupid black Liberals.

There are LOTS of blacks who are tired of this, and they are looking for a champion like Battlecat. I plan to find them, and save this country.

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