Bouncer Denies Uniformed Navy Officer Entry Into Posh NYC Hotel

A New York City hotel is apologizing after a bouncer wouldn’t let a U.S. Navy officer in uniform enter its ritzy rooftop bar during Fleet Week.


The reason? Dress code.

The bouncer on the ground floor of the Standard Hotel in Chelsea looked at the officer, noted the dress code and then blocked her and her relatives from entering an elevator headed to the ‘hip’ Top of the Standard lounge Saturday night, the officer’s family told WCBS-TV.

“We were all shocked and upset,” O’Connor told the Daily News. “This was Memorial Day weekend and walking distance from Ground Zero. This should have been a no-brainer.”

Ryan O’Connor, the husband of the sailor’s cousin, was there and said he challenged the bouncer’s ruling.

“I said, ‘Wait, are you rejecting us because someone is in a service uniform?’ He kind of rolled his eyes and wouldn’t budge,” O’Connor told the New York Daily News, which reported the officer was in her white uniform.

“I was wearing a $400 blazer and dress shoes. We were all dressed nice,” he added to the paper. “The only person sticking out was the Navy officer.”



Bouncer Denies Navy Officer in Uniform Entry Into Posh NYC Hotel Bar During Fleet Week. The Reason Might Make Your Blood Boil. | Video |

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