Hastert blackmailed by Gay Mafia?

In what must come as a breath of fresh air to the Duggar dude, we learned that Dennis Hastert was involved with a man…in the carnal way.

Apparently Hastert bats from both sides of the plate, and has been lying to the public about who he is.

Well that’s not technically true, since I don’t care to know about Hastert’s proclivities. However, it is a lie when Hastert’s proclivities subject him to blackmail.

The Left believes that Republicans can’t be gay. They can, and many are. Republicans believe that being gay is not a political issue, per se. It’s a personal choice and none of anybody’s business.

Enter the Gay Mafia!


They demand that politicians legislate on gaiety. So when they find a holdout, instead of embracing said brother, they extort him.

What America should be asking is how long Hastert was being extorted? He’s like a cop found to be bad, in that we now must go back and review all his arrests.

What did Barney Frank get from Hastert KNOWING  that Hastert didn’t want that little secret leaking out? Frank bragged about having a gay “black book,” and who knows what somebody had on him to force him out, ending his reign of Gay Mafia terror.

But the Gay Mafia still exists. Who is the keeper of the ring, I don’t know…I’m NOT Gay! But somebody has it.

What other secrets do these MEN on Capitol Hill have that they are willing to negotiate away?


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