Hillary Clinton’s Brothers Making Trouble For Her

Here is a desperate headline:

Hillary Clinton’s brothers could cause trouble for her presidential campaign

Nonsense…Hillary is in enough trouble ALL ON HER OWN!

There are multiple messages here.

First there is the idea that Hillary has moved on from HER troubles. That’s poppycock!

Second, there is the much more subtle message that Hillary herself is not a bad person, but a good person surrounded by bad circumstances.

Third, there is the very much more subtle message that it is MEN who keep getting Hillary in trouble.



Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s two brothers, Tony and Hugh Rodham, could be a problem for her presidential campaign. Over the years, the pair has been at the center of multiple controversies for their business dealings and Republicans are already using them to attack Clinton.

One aide for a rival 2016 campaign told Business Insider that Clinton’s brothers will definitely cause issues for her White House bid.

“Will they be a problem? Yes. They underscore everything that people fear and hate about the Clintons,” the aide said. “They’re essentially the id of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A bunch of money-grubbing and opportunistic hillbillies with no sense of ethics, decency, or even legality.”

What would her brothers have to do with HER reputation, if her reputation weren’t in tatters?

This is yet another nonsensical try at making us take our eye off the ball.

Hillary has enough scandals for FIVE presidential campaigns, and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.


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