Hillary’s Supporters: Unsure about Hillary?

Only brain-dead zombies would support Hillary Clinton. There are enough scandals around this lecherous Leftist to last a litany of lifetimes.

Yet, like Marky Mark, Hillary Clinton has her “Funky Bunch.”

And a group of these knuckle dragging, cocktail sipping racists gathered in Iowa to worship at the altar of Her Worthlessness, Hillary Clinton.

After whooping it up, they were asked why they liked her so much.

Yes, that’s the result.


Finally after three or four tries, someone decided that “being elected” was an accomplishment. Martin Luther King, Jr was never elected, so I guess he doesn’t count?

For the lunatics on the Left, life is about getting elected. At least they aren’t behaving like blacks who credit Al Sharpton for merely RUNNING for president.

Talk about altered states. When you meet supporters of Hillary Clinton and her ilk, you are witnessing the education system, media indoctrination, and Liberalism all rolled into one nice fat turd.

Thank God America has Conservatives.

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