This is a Stupid Big House

How much flaunting of one’s wealth can one house provide?

90,000 square feet?  Really?

This home on Lake Butler in Windermere, Florida is said to be the largest in the country.

Owner Jackie Siegel said her previous house was “bursting at the seams” with her eight children.

Take a look at the slide show and you’ll see something ELSE bursting at the seams!

To see the slide show, visit

Jackie Siegel told New York Magazine that after the documentary’s release, “People said, ‘Why do they need 10 kitchens? That’s ridiculous!’  But it’s because they’re in the staff apartments.”  The house is expected to require at least 30 full-time staffers.  “We actually have two movie theaters so that no one has to fight over what movie they’re watching.  One of them is modeled after the Paris Opera House.”

I guess some people want to pay homage to themselves.

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