ISIS: Obama Best American President Ever

If ISIS had an awards show, Obama would undoubtedly be declared “The Best American President EVER!”

You simply couldn’t be more militarily incompetent than Obama, if you practiced.

Did you happen to catch Obama on Memorial Day? I thought it was an SNL skit.

To believe that Obama cares about America’s fallen veterans, you would have to believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Big Foot, that feminism is good for America, that Hillary Clinton would be a good president, that you can spend your way out of debt, that Joe Biden is competent VP…you get the picture.

Here is what I read:

Barack Obama on Monday saluted Americans who died in battle, saying the country must “never stop trying to fully repay them” for their sacrifices. And just look at the bang up job Obama is doing with the new and improved VA!

He noted it was the first Memorial Day in 14 years without U.S. forces engaged in a major ground war.

Speaking under sunny skies to some 5,000 people in an amphitheater on the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery, Obama said the graveyard is “more than a final resting place of heroes.”

“It is a reflection of America itself,” he said, citing racial and religious diversity in the backgrounds of the men and woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve “the ideals that bind us as one nation.”

This is the guy who has created a NEW terror group, he called the JV team.

This is from the guy who declared Iran as no threat, because “they’re tiny!”

This is from the guy who wants a civilian version of our military, only more powerful.

This is from the guy who has done nothing, as veterans die on waiting list at the VA.

I can’t wait for the military to no longer have to endure the humiliation of a commander in chief as incompetent and uncaring as Obama.

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