So what Muslims want to kill Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller has had a busy couple of weeks. Rising from B-list politico, Geller has become the 2nd most controversial woman in the world, next to Hillary Clinton. The only difference is Hillary doesn’t have a fatwa on her life.

Muslims want Geller dead, because she held a Muhammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas. Ironically, the contest was held in the same hall where Muslims met in January, a week after the Charlie Hebdo-Kosher Market massacres.

Pamela and her group of cartoonists killed no one, though their art was provocative. Isn’t that what everybody wants to be…provocative? Or would the world prefer boring?


Geller wanted to draw attention to Sharia Law, already wrongly recognized by some courts in America. This anti-woman, archaic “laws” has no business being instituted by force in any country, much less these United States. Geller’s method of drawing attention was pure genius, from a marketing standpoint.

Like Salmon Rushdie, Geller is now on the growing list of “offenders of the Prophet.” And if these Islamic animals were to get their hands on Geller, there was no due process, no defense allowed, and no Constitutional rights as are guaranteed to American citizens.

All this, and Geller has her detractors.

Bill O’Reilly, one of the first to cast stones at Pamela Geller disagreed with her vehemently. He said he would have found another way to fight radical Islam. What would you have done, Bill?

Arriving late at my DC hotel for my second CPAC meeting in 2010, I went to the front desk to get some bottled water.

Sitting at the bar was a woman who I thought I might have recognized, and I asked if she was Pamela Geller.

She nodded and patted the empty chair next to her.

Two hours later, I had a pretty good idea of what Pamela Geller was about. She was animated about the revolt of moderate Muslims in Iran against the Ayatollahs and their Sharia Law. She was befuddled and grief–struck by these Western-friendly Muslims’ abandonment by the Obama Administration.

This proved that Geller wasn’t against Islam—just the forced spread of Sharia Law.

Bill O’Reilly is quoted by the Washington Times as saying,

“Jesus would not have sponsored a ‘draw the Prophet’ contest.”


Perhaps O’Reilly could learn from his own book, Killing Jesus?

Jesus infuriated the Pharisees (Jewish Priests) by violently turning over the sales and money-changing tables at the Temple, screaming about how sacrilegious this was in “G0d’s House.”

Jesus was accused of saying he was the Messiah. Right or wrong, his vague answers were taken to mean that he admitting he was—a crime that carried the death penalty. Since Jews weren’t allowed to execute convicted criminals, the Sanhedrin (Jewish court) sent Jesus to the Romans to be dealt with.

Like Jesus, Geller has dedicated her life to political activism. With pals, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and David Horowitz of Freedom Center, Geller has successfully fought in court to put advertising against Jihad and Sharia on public transportation.

Further, Geller was stalwart at stopping the 9/11 Mosque that was going to be built within blocks of that terrible site. Geller realized that Muslims have traditionally built Mosques over the churches and synagogues they have conquered and destroyed, like the al-Aqsa Mosque that is built directly over the second synagogue abandoned when the Romans killed or threw most of the Jews out of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

What Geller did should be applauded. She was even able to get the pop culture show Saturday Night Live to cover the topic in a humorous skit.

The Muslim world needs to be put on notice that America holds no special status for their prophet. Free speech is free speech, and we won’t be silenced. That you, Pamela Geller for having the strength of conviction to challenge radical Islam.

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