Minimum Wage Blowback And It’s Worse Than Originally Thought!

All this talk about minimum wage is little more than a safety net for the laziest Americans.

Areas that are trying this are in triage, as this will never work.  Minimum wage is a training salary and frankly, it’s not needed for that.  A person could theoretically ask for more money than minimum wage, and an employer could pay it.

But government wants people to believe it is necessary, thus we are where we are.

Nevertheless, the places where the new $15 minimum wage has been rolled out are ALL suffering.


After getting raises at Z Pizza in Seattle, employees will be losing their jobs in a few months as the store closes.  Don’t expect Seattle Utopians to connect the dots, as this is one of many stores who will scuttle the ship.

Sometimes you must let Liberals learn the tough lessons, and this will be one tough lesson.  Consider how many pizzas you have to bake to pay an employee $15 an hour, and that doesn’t include the boss paying for ObamaCare.

File this under: I told you ignorant Liberal socialists so!

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