Muslims laugh at Obama and Climate Change (VIDEO)

Obama has tried to convince Americans that weather is a bigger threat to us than radical Islam. In the scheme of things, he’s correct, because I’m far more afraid of a tornado or a hurricane, than I am of any Muslim.

But in the context of Obama-speak, it is incredulous to believe that the world should be concerned about global climate change (weather). There is nothing we can do about it. But we can do something about jihadist, ergo Islamists.

Watch as the Muslims have fun at Obama’s expense.


Just so we are clear, this is a spoof video made by IPhoneConservative. Watch the full interview

The sad part is that though this is a spoof, it could EASILY be believable.

That’s exactly what happened when people viewed this. They actually believed it.

Because Obama is undoubtedly one of the biggest morons in America.


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