Netanyahu Snubs Kerry

“Lurch” got dumped.

Here is a quote from America’s Head of Marketing:

Foreign policy is effectively the assertion of many individual countries intersecting on the global marketplace.  And you have to figure out how to get your interest served in a way that meets the interests and needs of these other folks.

It appears Netanyahu will avoid the intersection.

The Times of Israel reports:

Netanyahu noted that Israel and the US remained deeply divided over the nuclear deal.

Netanyahu has urged that it doesn’t go far enough in preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons and too quickly eases economic sanctions imposed on Iran to force it into reaching an agreement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) meets with Chairman of the Committee for Home Front Security in the American Senate, Rob Portman (R-OH), May 3, 2015. (photo credit: Haim Zach/GPO)  “On the matter of the pending Iran deal, we view things differently,” Netanyahu said. “We think that the goal of the Iran deal should not be just to reach any deal.  It should be to block Iran’s path to the bomb.  And to block Iran’s path to the bomb, we need a deal that prevents Iran from having what is given to it in Lausanne.”

Israel is smart to recognize that Obama/Kerry is coming to an end.  I suggest Netanyahu do what Obama did and do a bit of interfering with the upcoming 2016 elections.

As for Kerry, he will have to find another country to torment, at least for the time being.

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