New Black Mayor Causes Half of City Employees to Quit

Is this the good ol’ boys at work?

The election of black female mayor Tyrus Byrd led to the resignation of about half of the city employees in a small town of 700 in Missouri.

Why is there an immediate jump to racism or sexism? Is it possible that this woman is like many politicians, and just rubbed a lot of people the wrong way in her pursuit of power?

Parma resident Martha Miller, who campaigned for Byrd, does not think the resignations have to do with race, but she disagrees with how they happened.

“I think it’s pretty dirty they all quit without giving her a chance. But I don’t think they hurt the town any by quitting, because who needs six police for 740 people,” she told KFVS-TV.

“There was absolutely no racism that had anything to do with this,” Barry Aycock, a white former alderman, said to The Associated Press. “We had an election, it’s over, and we’re all supporting the new mayor and moving forward.”

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Lisa Kirk, 58, who owns a convenience store in Parma, was surprised that the town even had six people on its police force.

“There was never police around in town,” she told the wire service. “We have no idea where the six officers worked or who they are. If they did work, I don’t know where they were.”

Kirk said her shop has been burglarized nine times over the past decade.

One thing’s for sure: Byrd has attracted a lot of supporters on social media since the story broke.

Perhaps the new mayor was going to let many of the good ol’ boy network go anyway, as a town of 700 likely doesn’t need six cops and many other bureaucrats.

She should consider the resignations her first budget cut, hopefully of many.


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