New Poll: Democrats are Idiots

When it comes to fleecing the public of its booty, there is no difference between the parties, except the rate and technique.

I don’t have a lot of respect anymore for either political party, but at least the Republicans have a modicum of sanity. Democrats, however, are guano crazy.

According to this article, Democrats and Republicans don’t agree on the nation’s top priorities.

When asked in the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll which issue should be the top priority for the federal government to address, Republican primary voters’ leading response was national security and terrorism (27 percent said it was their first choice)

By comparison, the top priority for Democrats in the poll was job creation and economic growth (37 percent) — followed by health care (17 percent), climate change (15 percent) and national security and terrorism (13 percent).

The government’s #1 job is national security, and let’s just admit it – Obama sucks at protecting us. We are not safe at home, and for those who doubt me, I give you Ferguson, Baltimore, or any other city where Liberals congregate en masse. Abroad, we are laughed at, as at this very moment America is too chicken to go into Yemen to free Americans stranded there.

The Democrats amazingly want jobs and economic growth, two things Obama believes he has delivered!

Next, Democrats want healthcare…another Obama promise theoretically delivered!

Did these people not get the memo?

America is back on track! Democrats need to go get those great jobs, and start using that new stellar healthcare.

If my sarcasm is lost on you, the next most precious thing Democrats want from government is what every other generation got for free, and that’s air.

These morons are convinced that weather is our 3rd largest problem in this country.

Yes, we have a divide. Democrats, Liberals, Progressive, or whatever they call themselves are knuckleheads of the highest order. They are undoubtedly the biggest problem in America, costing us trillions of dollars.  The reason Liberals can’t afford to have effective government is most of them would be unemployed without it.

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