The One-Line Philosopher, by Dave Weinbaum

Top Ten Thoughts of the Week, by Dave Weinbaum

Dave Weinbaum has been published in some of the greatest periodicals in America. We appreciate his musings, and hope you will as well.

  1. Never believe a leftover fortune cookie.
  2. My woman texted me on her way home: “Fix me a stiff one, and make me a drink, too.”
  3. Finishing schools don’t admit quitters
  4. A plane full of Dalmatians crashed; all survivors were spotted
  5. Better to be interpreted than interrupted, unless you’re interrupted while being interpreted
  6. You’re not skinny enough to be skating on thin ice
  7. Can the unaligned be out of line?
  8. Life doesn’t get much better than getting a big itch and having a mate who’s a willing scratcher!
  9. Carnivores go against grain.
  10. Let your DNA to develop your TLC.


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