Politically Correct Sports Mascot or Else!

The Cardinals’ mascot is called Fredbird. And Fredbird is in trouble, and not for one of his fake fights or epic “dance offs” with another mascot.

What Fredbird did in the politically incorrect world of sport is sacrilege. Fredbird held up a sign that read:

Police lives matter!

Recall that the Rams players showed solidarity for the thug Michael Brown, with no repercussions. I was in the green room with the man who organized that nonsense, and he tried to rationalize their behavior. Of course we now know that these young black men got it completely wrong.

All over America, ignorant Liberals hold up racist signs, #BlackLivesMatter, as if those are the only lives that matter. But if you take their idiotic notion to the next logical step, don’t #PoliceLivesMatter?


Fredbird sign

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