Black racist: Deal with your sh*t white people

The American taxpayer funds these idiot racist sociology professors of all colors. The latest one who has been outed happens to be black.

I’m actually shocked that Professor Saida Grundy even tried (half-heartedly) to roll back her racist comment about her hatred of white people. The fact is she still hates white people.

White people have helped that knucklehead get to where she is, and yet she hates white people. Ironically, the people who hurt her the most are most likely black people. But with ethnocentric black racist, color matters.


She won’t be happy until white people, particularly men are marginalized, and black people are fed a good healthy serving of victimology.

The sad things is these racist Neanderthals are mainstream. Recall the racist black associate professor who claimed that God is a white racist.

In this “Intro to Mass Communications” class, a black female prof constantly ranted on white privilege and other nonsense.
Here is Ms. Grundy’s self-described resume:

Saida Grundy is a feminist sociologist of race & ethnicity and received her Ph.D. (2014) in the Joint Program in Sociology & Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, where she was a Horace H. Rackham Fellow. Her research to date has focused upon formations and ideologies of gender within the Black middle class–specifically men. Using ethnographic approaches and in-depth interviews, her current work examines graduates of Morehouse College, the nation’s only historically Black college for men. Quite simply, this work asks how, in light of an ongoing national reality and discourse about young Black men in crisis, the men of Morehouse experience gender and manhood at an institution that attempts to groom them as solutions to this crisis. Her current book manuscript on race, masculinity, and institutionalization is in progress and expands upon this work.

Trained by noted ethnographer and race scholar Alford Young, Jr., Saida’s interests span Race, Class & Gender; Sexuality; Qualitative Methodology; Feminist Theory; Stratification & Inequality; and Urban Ethnography. Her most recent publication, “An Air of Expectancy: Class, Crisis, and the Making of Manhood at an Historically Black College for Men” is available in the July 2012 volume (642) of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. In July 2014 she was named a Junior Fellow of the Urban Ethnography Project at Yale University. Her research has been supported by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the Andrew Mellon Foundation

There it is: feminist. And race scholar! What the heck is a race scholar? Here I thought we were all HUMAN!
So-called “educated” black woman have been sold down the river. They are convinced that white men are the problem, when in fact they should be angry at white women. Correction: white Liberal women
Liberal women promised black women emancipation if they supported their movement. They obliged, only to become the largest population of unmarried and single-mothers in the nation.
It’s easy to reverse the situation with the prof from BU, because if that prof had been white, there would have been an immediate, unapologetic dismissal. Career over. But the hate-filled Leftist spew venom with practical impunity.
The only way academia changes is when America understands that RACISM IS RACISM, and recognize that Liberal blacks are among the most racist segment of society.


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