Say What? Karl Rove Surrenders?

You Must Be Kidding. Karl Rove Surrenders? Surely you jest!

Rove’s resolve proves that politics is not just about money.

I have said that politics is about two things: money and people. It’s good to have lots of both. Rove has lots of money.

Unfortunately for Rove, he doesn’t have the support of the people. This is why he gets little done, and also why he’s waving the white flag on ObamaCare.

According to Forbes,

News that former George W. Bush White House advisor Karl Rove urged his fellow Republicans to abandon attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and focus on a replacement plan comes as thousands of Americans sign up for the law’s expanded Medicaid benefits for the poor thanks to changing hearts of GOP governors.

Rove told Fox News last week that any effort to repeal the health law would be met with President Obama’s veto and wouldn’t work politically. So Rove said the GOP Congress instead should come up with alternatives should the U.S. Supreme Court rule against the White House in the King v. Burwell case. The high court will decide next month whether 8 million Americans will lose subsidies for private coverage essentially because they bought private coverage on a federal marketplace rather than state-run exchanges.

Millions of dollars have been spent trying to convince politicians to do the right thing, and that rarely works. What will work is when politicians lose their jobs over ObamaCare.

Below is Rove asking Congress to defund ObamaCare. Congress doesn’t respond to pundits, they respond to threats of losing their job, ergo their POWER!

As Chief Marketing Officer for the Conservative Movement, I would need only a fraction of the money Rove has wasted to move the needle on ObamaCare. The message should go to the people being hurt by ObamaCare and in a way they will get it.

Rove may be a good political operative, but when it comes to marketing and messaging, Rove has all the cleverness of a sloth.


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