Segregation: Good for blacks?

Was segregation good for blacks?

A black man calling from Florida attributes the success of black communities in the past to segregation.

“They had their own doctors and lawyers…”

He then proceeds to blame the white people for it going downhill after that, as white people basically had it out for the black people.

Technically he is correct; but then again he isn’t.

Back when black people had sense, segregation was good. The black community thrived. Democrats hated this, which is why they began The Great Society.

Fast forward to the new black community, a community replete with ignorance. And that ignorance flows from the top down.

That very ignorance is why black people vote overwhelming Democrat, for the very oppressors who wanted blacks segregated from society. And those tricky bastards have managed to get black Leftists to self-segregate back into “black neighborhoods.” And the blacks living there will happily stay, just like they have been taught.

Robert Woodson, American community development leader, and founder and president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (NCNE) asks the question, [pp]

“If all the ‘white devils’ left America, how would it stop the problems in black communities?”

Look at the outcome where blacks congregate en masse and elect black “leaders.” This self-imposed exile from the real world has created a black subculture that is the most dangerous in the world, particularly to other blacks.

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