St. Louis Officer Not Indicted in Vonderitt Myers Shooting

Don’t expect the Left to correct the record in any of these “white cop shoot black thug” scenarios, as their yarn unravels.

There’s no money in admitting you’re wrong, so the Left just moves along, hoping nobody will bring up their devilment.

In the LIE that was about black thug Vonderitt Myers, Jr, the St. Louis police department only lost 14 cars. That’s 14 patrolmen who were not able to protect the law-abiding public, because ignorant racist Leftist decided to protest the death of a thug.


As STL Today reports:

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has announced that no charges will be filed against the city police officer who shot and killed VonDerrit D. Myers Jr.

Joyce issued a press release and a report detailing a separate investigation that her office conducted. A U.S. Attorney helped with her investigation.

Joyce did not name the officer in a 51-page report because he was not charged with a crime, but Chief Sam Dotson released a separate statement including the officer’s name.

The conclusion of Joyce’s report reads, in part, “The fact that Officer X shot Myers and that Myers died as a result of these injuries is not in dispute. It is a tragedy that a life was lost in this incident. As is their role, prosecutors must only determine if a violation of criminal law occurred. Given all the available facts, witness statements, physical and forensic evidence, and for the reasons outlined in the discussion above, prosecutors have determined a criminal violation could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore, charges will not be filed in this case.”

Officer Jason Flanery shot Myers, 18, on Oct. 8 while he was on patrol for a private residents’ association in the Shaw neighborhood, according to Dotson’s statement.

Flanery told investigators that Myers and two other young men ran as soon as they saw him. The officer, who was driving a marked private security car and wearing his city police uniform, chased them.

Police believe Myers fired at least three shots at the officer before the officer returned fire.

The Left incited violence over another thug. And as for the reason the judge dismissed the case,

Joyce also wrote in the report that the Myers family attorneys never showed up for meetings, provided witnesses they claimed disputed the officer’s statements or the private autopsy.

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