Starbucks Barista Gone WILD! (VIDEO)

Things must be getting a bit stressful with all the racial sensitivity that was recently tested at Starbucks, as this Starbucks barista decided to go just short of postal on a customer.

Perhaps instead of worrying about racial sensitivity, Howard Schultz should teach his baristas “customer sensitivity?”


A video shows a Starbucks manager screaming at a customer about a cookie straw and ordering her to leave the store.

In the video, the manager is heard accusing the customer, Ruby Chen, of stealing the 99¢ treat, Grub Street reports. But when Chen offered payment, the manager refused to accept it.

“Now give me the straw, and leave,” the manager of the Queens, New York, store is heard shouting. “You’re not gonna be served here. Bye.”

The manager then demands that someone call the police and threatens Chen with arrest.

Chen said she ordered a Frappuccino and was trying to open her Starbucks Rewards app on her phone when the manager started yelling at her.

“She took the scanner away as I was trying to pay then told me to leave and never go back,” Chen said in a post on Facebook.

Starbucks says the employee has since been fired.

“We take this issue seriously; this experience does not represent the high service standards we set for ourselves,” the company said on its Facebook page. “This partner no longer works for Starbucks.”

Yes, that “partner” is looking for a new minimum wage job in a white neighborhood. At least the new company will be getting a “partner” trained in tolerance.


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