Teaching Kids about Killing WHAT?

Talk about your slippery slope, as now the Left is teaching kids about killing kids.

In a new book for kids, abortion gets warmed and fuzzied, as the author presents the killing of the unborn as normal.

The murdered sibling of the child in the book is presented as a nuisance, who would have created lots of problems for mom.

The Western Journalism reports:

Mary Walling Blackburn’s recently published e-book “Sister Apple, Sister Pig” reads like Nazi curriculum for children–“The Jewish Question in Classroom Instruction” that taught children “Jews are our misfortune,” and are cheaters and untrustworthy.  Similarly, Blackburn compares an unborn child to an “apple, a pig, or ghost hiding somewhere in a tree.”

Blackburn’s main character, a three-year-old child named Lee, refers to his killed unborn sibling as a girl who “lived before me, but Mama couldn’t keep her.  Mama says she is a ghost.” And how does he feel about not having an older sister? He says:

“I’m not sad that my sister is a ghost!  If you kept my sister, you would be tired, and sad, and mad!  We would be wild and loud and sometimes we would fight.  Mama might be scared that she could not buy enough food for us.  Mama might not have enough time to read to me, to paint with me, to play with me, to talk with me.”

Glad there was no “me” before that one.  This is shocking, but par for the course for Liberals.

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