Top 10: Where Do Most of America’s Immigrants Come From?

America has a reason to be concerned about immigration, particularly illegal immigration.

Multiculturalism is slowly eroding The American Way, aka The American Spirit, as few immigrants are assimilating into the American way of life.

Here is Hillary Clinton on immigration back in 2003.


According to Cheat Sheet:

Of the 41 million first-generation immigrants living in the U.S., the biggest subset, 28%, have made their way to America from Mexico. That’s by far where most immigrants are coming from, although as explained before, India and China are quickly gaining ground. As of 2013, research shows that Asians are now the quickest growing ethnic group in the U.S., with that growth being fueled in large part thanks to immigration. China has become the top country of origin for new immigrants as well.

What that means is that not only will America be seeing some demographic changes on a large scale in the near future, but also that different economic sectors will probably go through some transitions as well. While immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America are often written off as unskilled and thus relegated to jobs involving manual labor, immigrants from India and China are coming with college degrees and an ability to speak English.


Here is the Top 10 List:

  1. Guatemala: 2%
  2. Dominican Republic: 2%
  3. South Korea: 3%
  4. Cuba: 3%
  5. El Salvador: 3%
  6. Vietnam: 3%
  7. The Philippines: 4%
  8. China: 5%
  9. India: 5%
  10. Mexico: 28%

For more insight, visit the Migration Policy Institute.



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