This Woman Should Be Running Hillary’s Campaign

Talk about a Democrat woman in training! Don’t they teach feminist not to kill the man, just cut off his…well, you know.

Yet, Angelika Graswald has been charged with murdering Vincent Viafore, her fiancé, after officials confirmed that it was his body that was pulled from the Hudson River in New York this weekend.

That isn’t all that got pulled, as prosecutors allege that the 35-year-old Graswald pulled the stopper on Vincent Viafore’s kayak, causing him to capsize on April 19, 50 miles north of New York City.


What a wench! But it gets better.

Apparently when he reached desperately for her paddle, fighting to keep his head above the frigid water, this chick pulled the paddle away and rowed away, as Viafore sank into the Hudson, according to authorities.

And if that’s not enough, the chick tried to make it look like she cared, as investigators allege she waited 20 minutes, then capsized her own kayak and called for help. Unfortunately for her, witnesses saw her do it.

I have one question: Why this woman isn’t running Hillary Clinton’s campaign is a mystery to me! She’s awesome!


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