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I’m starting a new category called, “Admit it white people.” It’s much like what my political life has been dedicated to, and that is convincing politically correct white people, mainly Conservatives to start admitting what you already know.

In this first installment of “Admit it White People!,” meet a black person you have met many times.

She’s the rude person at the [insert wherever you were being white], and you were greeted with almost total disdain. And here’s another interesting part to this; the closer the offending black person is to a heavy black population, the more rude they are.

This is not to say that black people are rude in general. No, this is usually reserved for Liberal Democrat-controlled blacks. On the occasion you meet a pleasant black helper, you can almost be certain that person comes from good parentage, and doesn’t not have the “hate whitey” card in his wallet or in her purse.


For those in need of an example of how political correctness has inspired young black thugs of “all” genders to go completely jungle on white folks, case in point, this zoo worker.

As WGN-TV reports:

The photo shows a woman wearing a zoo uniform with the caption: “At work serving these rude (expletive) white people.”

You stupid white people, actually having the nerve to want something that requires her to work!

This type of attitude is far too common among black Liberals. They have an unhealthy and unwarranted disdain for whites.

The irony is that it is likely somebody white who is most positively impacting this girl’s life, and somebody black who is most negatively doing so.

This has been the first installment of “Admit it White People!”


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